> INOX pallet trucks and pedestrian trucks






Handgabelhubwagen aus Edelstahl

Hand pallet trucks of stainless steel


Modell EGU 2000

Model EGU 2000




Model Oxlift

Model EGV 1.25S

Model EGU 2000 INOX

INOX pallet trucks and pedestrian trucks

Material handling equipment in stainless steel is developed in accordance with the requirements of the directive 2006/42/CE. Alternatives for the pharmaceutical are built in accordance with:

  • EN ISO 14159
  • EN 1672-1, EN 1672-2
  • ISO 14644-1, CLASS 1 - 9



pdf_download_2brochure model EGV INOX

brochure model EGU 2000 INOX

pdf_download_2data sheet EGV 1.25S

Model EGV 1.25S
























Pedestrian lift truck all metal components of stainless steel, quality 1.4301/V2A/1IAINSI304

Electric motors and electronic speed control AC version

Electric motors and electric components in waterproof housing

Wheels and drive corrosion-protected

Tiller with buttons for lifting, lowering, forward and rear drive, dead man brake

Iron-clad battery in plastic tray

Battery compartment with rollers allowing sidewise change of battery

This unit is used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry – meat industry and fish industry

Foldable platform for driver on request

Electric pallet truck stainless steel quality 1.4301-V2A-AISI 304 also 14571-V4A –AISI 316

For food industry meat-, fish-, pharmaceutical industry clean room performance

Resistor drive or AC electronic controller

Battery in plastic tray

Electric motor vertical position

Electrical components protection IP66