> Airport towing tractors

Airport towing tractors

A range of towing tractors of 50 up to 120 tons is available. Airports in various countries of the world are already owners. For towing of luggage trolleys, dollys, generating sets, helicopters or airplanes. Air- and water-cooled engines are available on request. Heating or air-condition are part of accessories. Chassis made of welded steel sheets of at least 40 mm thickness. The cabin is mounted on silent blocs.



Model EFZ 30

Electro towing tractor type EFZ 30 for industrial purposes or well at the airport services.
With iron clad batteries, gel batteries or well lithium batteries.
AC controller

Model EFZ 30 Datasheet


Model DD 30

Model DD 30 Datasheet

Modell DD 50

Model DD 50

Model DD 50 Data sheet

Modell DD 70

Model DD 70

Model DD 70 Data sheet

Modell DD 80

Model DD 80

Model DD 80 Data sheet

Modell DD 100 Data sheet

Model DD 120 Data sheet